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Dance Dash is a VR Rhythm game released by Rebuff Reality in September, 2023. Core gameplay features Full Body tracking movements that require you to use your feet to stomp on beats along with hitting hand notes that fly towards you. To learn about gameplay and starting, click here.

Custom Content

This game features a Beatmap Editor that will enable you to create your own Custom Maps to music that you'd like. You may also upload your own Avatars using LIV, and eventually through their standalone SDK.


Dance Dash is compatible with multiple VR headsets & devices. Check compatible hardware below:

Compatible Hardware
VR Headsets VR Trackers
Valve Index Vive Trackers
VIVE XR Elite Vive Ultimate Tracker
Meta Quest 2 Mocopi with Open-Source Solution
Meta Quest 3

(headset only)

Meta Quest Pro HaritoraX
Bigscreen Beyond

(Needs Compatible Controllers)

Tundra Trackers

Important Notes:

  • Quest Pro supports using controllers for feet while using handtracking
  • Quest 2 only supports controller for feet without hands at the moment.
  • Quest 3 straps are being developed.
  • When using Quest 3 controllers, bind the controller to the knee to get better tracking

Desktop mode

Desktop mode allows you to play Dance Dash without using a VR Headset. You only need a computer and a web camera in order to play!

Dance Dash Mixtape

Listed below is the official Dance Dash Mixtape

Dance Dash OST
Track Artist BPM Length
Way of Samurai Dekibo 98 2:47
Fly Sly 174 2:15
Do This Again Movenchy 128 2:22
Lose Control Sly 125 3:21
Get It 5tar 138 2:50
Mystique Zenpaku/ DJ-JO 135 2:00
Move That Party Kryzsztof Pietras 160 3:00
Retro Space Gennady 125 3:12
Part 2 You Coming Back Abeck 145 2:10
Verity Zenpaku/ DJ-JO 160 2:00
Halogen Zenpaku/ DJ-JO 130 2:00
Run 4 Cover DeBisco 135 2:03
Deadbolt DeBisco 128 1:41
You‘ll B There DeBisco 130 2:21
EZ DeBisco 140 2:11
FLASHBACK DeBisco 128 2:32


Navigation Issues: Song Selection Screen

Issue: Unable to enter the song selection screen, unable to return to the song selection screen from the song
Reason: The game uses SteamWorks feature and requires Steam login. if Steam is not running or the game is unlicensed, it will get stuck in sync.
Solution: Please make sure to redeem BetaKey via Steam to participate in the test, and login to Steam normally to enter the game.

Screen Distortion & Lag

Issue: Tearing and distortion in the game screen/ Lag
Cause: SteamVR Asynchronous Reprojection is enabled when the game frame rate is lower than the headset refresh rate to make the screen smoother, but this can also lead to some distortion of the screen
Solutions: If lagging occurs frequently, please make sure your hardware configuration meets the game's requirements. We have tested that the current game runs at 90 fps on an i5-12400 / GTX1660S / 16G PC platform.

If lagging occurs in small amounts, you can try closing redundant apps to free up more resources. You can also try adjusting SteamVR settings for better performance:

  1. In SteamVR Settings, select Show "Advanced Settings".
  2. In "General", disable "SteamVR Home".
  3. In "Video", disable "Advanced Oversampling Filtering".
  4. In "Rendering Resolution", select "Custom" and reduce the resolution to less than 100% for smoother gameplay. (Note: Reducing the resolution too much can make images and text appear blurry or even unreadable.)

We are continuously optimizing the game to further reduce hardware requirements and reduce all possible lag.

Out of Bounds

Issue: After entering the game, an out of bounds message will be displayed when you move just a little bit.
Reason: The center setting of the headset system is not aligned with the center of SteamVR. This may occur if you are using a WindowsMR headset or an Oculus Rift/Quest headset.
Solution: End the game and exit SteamVR. open your headset's software and set the game area. Reopen SteamVR and re-center it where you feel comfortable. Then enter the game.
For those playing with a Quest headset, it is recommended that you do this every time you start a game.

Foot Tracking

Issue: After refreshing the shoe position, the shoe direction does not match the actual foot direction.
Cause: Currently refreshing the shoe position will adjust the in-game shoe direction to face orientation, this will happen if the foot orientation and face orientation do not match when refreshing the shoes.
Solution: Please keep your feet facing the same way as your face when refreshing your shoes.

Issue: Foot tracking is lost when playing with a Quest2 or WindowsMR headset with the joystick strapped to your foot.
Cause: Since these headsets use Inside-Out method to track the position of the controller, which requires the camera on the helmet to receive the infrared signals from the controller, it is easy to drift and lose tracking when the controller is continuously outside the field of view of the headset.
Solution: Minimize the blockage between the head unit and the feet to reduce the probability of losing track.

  1. When using the strap, try to make the looped part on the very front of the foot.
  2. When playing, adjust the angle of the helmet to look down slightly.

We are in the process of optimizing the issues related to the Inside-Out type controllers playing on the feet.

Issue: When using LIV, the foot Tracker bound in-game is not the same as the foot Tracker assigned in LIV1.Allocate all trackers in LIV, then turn them off.
Solution: Please follow these steps to solve this issue:

  1. Allocate all trackers in LIV, then turn them off.
  2. Turn on ONLY the 2 trackers on feet then enter the game, pass the control type screen to the song menu.
  3. Check the shoes, make sure the L/R trackers are registered right, reset them if needed.
  4. Then, turn on the rest of the trackers and try to record/live cast

We're still working on LIV support at the moment, aiming to make it less complex soon!

Additional resources


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